3 Months Test Phase

What can help the best concept and arguments when there is no return on investment in the short run?

Have you ever tried a digital test drive? Haven’t you? Then we recommend the 3-month test phase including comprehensive analysis as well as the final performance measurement and further recommendations for your strategy in the digital world. Our experience shows that customers rarely want to buy the pig in a poke, not even if it grunts only digitally. Especially in online marketing fields, you should be sure how to allocate limited resources and how to use them best.

Analise, test and optimise.

For this reason, we always recommend a comprehensive analysis of the status quo with the help of an objective assessment of existing online marketing channels. In this context, defining the respective KPIs to be achieved plays a central role and clear objectives are defined together with the customer. Afterwards, we will start a two to three months test phase with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of all related issues. Here, the relevant online marketing channels are filled with campaigns and optimised accordingly in the course of their development. We inform the customer about current optimisation steps and the ongoing success evaluation. In the end, we know exactly which channels delivered the right performance and what can be deduced from the results.


Only when we know how the whole digital marketing orchestra works and interacts, sound decisions can be made on further advertising activities as well as on the actual campaign conception.