Automation Marketing

Successful marketing automation is more than just programmatic marketing. It is based on optimized business processes for digital marketing.

Static campaign planning was yesterday – today, automated marketing processes count. Modern marketing software helps companies to provide their customers with exactly the right information at the right time. Perfect customer service is possible through digital marketing systems and the linking of online and offline data.

However, successful marketing automation is always based on optimized business processes. The suitable technology is only the foundation – a detailed concept and a cross-departmental campaign development are decisive factors for success. The miracle of marketing automation can only exist if companies embrace it holistically.



Convert customer behavior patterns into conversion. Today’s customers don’t just want to be treated well; they expect much more: namely, perfect service 24 hours a day. In the digital world, needs want to be satisfied immediately. Everything starts with the first contact. It can be done on the website, in a newsletter, banner, video or other. In any case, the first contact is the start of the customer journey. The better you get to know each individual customer, the better you can use each digital channel to weave the network of relationships. You understand the wishes, needs and interests of your customers and can impress them with precise predictions and complex campaign cycles. Successful predictive marketing has the power that customers never want to leave your company again. Shall we bet?

Technical Engagement

The digital world doesn’t work without the right technical connections! In the digital world technology determines the relevant customer loyalty from a large number of different measurement factors. For digital technology to work smoothly, it must be perfectly designed. Good solution architects can not only optimally design and link all digital system solutions, they also manage to avoid online and offline media disruptions. They offer technical common sense and a high level of analytical competence. This helps you to equip your digital marketing hub as best as possible. You are both master and commander in binary systems. Come on board and join us on a trip that will be worthwhile.


Ad serving: the 4th power in the digital state. Classic media agencies are at the mercy of the digital age. Anyone who can call an ad server their own can do campaign planning and processing better and cheaper than with an agency. Gone are the days of reporting without meaningfulness. Media agencies are still allowed to buy media volume on reach platforms – the actual delivery takes place via the customer’s own systems. In full transparency and according to the exact specifications of the customer. Thanks to our own AdServer, you always know what’s going on and see promptly which channels are bringing attention, leads and ultimately conversion. Don’t you think so? Try it out and compare the result with the work of your media agency. You will be amazed, we promise!