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1er BMW auf Regenfahrbahn in einem ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum
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ADAC FSZ South-Bavaria

The ADAC safe driving training has been a valuable part of the active work on safe mobility of the club for over thirty years. With the construction of the ADAC Safe Driving Centre Augsburg in 1997 – the first of its kind in Germany – ADAC South-Bavaria had a pioneering role and was able to contribute to the fact that safe driving training on the specially designed and built facilities is a core service of ADAC today. ADAC South-Bavaria currently offers driving training courses for car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle drivers at six locations.


Online strategy and consulting

Media planning and media booking

Search engine optimisation

Social media consulting

Online strategy and consulting

Media planning and media booking

Search engine optimisation

Social media consulting

ADAC Junge Fahrer Training n Südbayern

Online Consulting after the lockdown

The challenge: the re-opening as a point of departure in the consulting service for the safe driving centres after the lockdown. With central and strategic campaign elements, the online strategy focused on developing branding and awareness, increasing online training as well as selling vouchers.

Project description

With the relaunch of the website, the strategic realignment of ADAC’s safe driving centres in southern Bavaria begins. After a comprehensive digital screening of all online channels and activities, the digital map was redrawn together with the customer. An extensive package of measures was developed with ADAC as the central basis for online and offline media planning and was successfully implemented in just a few weeks due to the time pressure. In parallel to the media planning, the reopening of the centres was scheduled by keeping in mind a focus on awareness, training & voucher sales.

With the successful start of search engine optimisation and test campaigns, the complete digital package could be rolled out right after the first few weeks. Display advertising over Google Marketing Platform, Google search ads and social ads as well as YouTube videos ads were the main areas of the campaign architecture. Thanks to the continuous optimisation of the single channels, sales could be increased remarkably in comparison to the previous year. Important for ADAC: the provable “return on investment” as a confirmation of the overall digital strategy.

Gechäftsführer der ADAC-Fahrsicherheitszentren Südbayern Walter Ittlinger

Walter Ittlinger


Transparency and accountability of all digital activities distinguish the work conducted by 123Consulting with us.


Increased online conversion

Increased online market share

Increased visibility in Google

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