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Social media have now reached a high stage of development and are among the most important sources of customer loyalty.

Wherever people come together, communities develop. Today, being online means communicating with people. Anywhere where people meet and get in touch, communities are created.

Online communities can be found anywhere on the web. They gather together depending on brands, interests, events or places. At times they are quite active, at times rather dull. They are connected and held together thanks to a variety of digital tools, e.g. computer, smartphone and tablet. They are created through websites, apps, social media channels or forums. They are complex and heterogeneous – and always have an enormous entrepreneurial potential.

Jump with us into the world of digital community management, in establishing human relationships and achieving your entrepreneurial objectives in these digital communities.

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Relevant topics

Community Newsletter

Newsletter marketing is still the foundation of successful digital and electronic communication. When it comes to customer loyalty, a meaningful and well-coordinated communication chain must be taken into account. Permission marketing allows the classic up-selling of products; however, in the days of data sensitivity, it should not be overdone.

Customer engagement issues are becoming more and more relevant, which primarily recommend the best course of action for the client for a specific point in time. This creates trust and strengthens the bond with the company in a trustworthy way.

Social Media

Social media have now reached a high stage of development.

Social media has kept us on our toes during the last years. Through the ubiquitous presence of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc., companies were increasingly being put under pressure. In the meantime, social media has become more mature and offers many possibilities for companies on how to act subject- as well as content-wise.

S-commerce and recommendation marketing, if cleverly built up, can lead to the development of new customer groups.

With S-Commerce, new customers are originated.

Authentic Content

When it comes to authenticity and the honest debate between companies with world-moving stories, content marketing stands by its big brother, i.e. content. Together, they are in the front line for users. When users and customers are looking for a proactive discussion on critical topics and are willing to share them on public platforms, authenticity can simply be called a social media responsibility.

Brands become more human.