Advertising & Digital Marketing

The orchestration of the right marketing channels within the customer journey is the aim. With crucial touchpoints and the appropriate setup, we support you in online marketing.

Attribution models

Attribution in campaign implementation means that many channels may be relevant, but they do not necessarily have to.

Multichannel approach

Generating as many campaign points of contact as possible for a more organic and direct traffic.

Performance marketing

Important CRM information from transaction data and enrichment of additional touchpoints.

Today, whoever wants to address target groups with different needs individually, does not only need the suitable campaign concept and execution, but also a continuous background noise. While few years ago a one-dimensional campaign addressing one group was still enough, today we speak of complex behaviours of demands and attribution models which need to be taken into account. In the active campaign implementation, attribution also means that many channels might be relevant when addressing customers, but they do not have to be.

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Campaign strategies

Our goal is to generate the most relevant amount of interest and attention as possible for our customers. Here, we differentiate advertising into different specialist areas in order to guarantee the required granularity. Due to the system, not all campaign values can be covered in the evaluation of attribution. It is all the more important to define a comprehensive overall strategy with a continuous flow of campaigns.

The aim of the multichannel approach is to generate as many contact points as possible in the campaigns, which – together with the organic and direct traffic – become central traffic indicators.

The more precisely campaign strategies are defined, the better the required background noise can be set up and defined as ‘always on’. As an agency, we have seen the growing importance of multichannel approaches over the past few years that go beyond classic campaigning and use numerous channels in the external and internal environment. In this context, we support you with different setups concerning the choice of the channels and the execution.

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Thomas Apollonio

Partner at 123Consulting

As a digital marketing and consulting agency, we offer all areas in our portfolio and adapt the implementation to individual customer needs.

Advertising Setups

In classic campaigning, from our perspective as an agency, we distinguish four main areas, which depending on budgets and set objectives (awareness, reach, conversion, etc.) are to be considered more in detail and assessed:

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

The classic search engine marketing is integrated with targeted advertising management concerning the brand, brand combinations and generic traffic. For all those areas that cannot be fully reached through the existing search engine optimisation, SEA can offer a good contribution and generate important conversions. A SEO/SEA matrix has a role as an important basis for campaign planning.

Programmatic advertising (adserver, campaign manager, GMP 360)

Programmable display marketing creates convenient reach and extraordinary awareness campaigns, which can no longer be separated from digital advertising. Success can be aimed at through volume of clicks and target groups, whereas interaction and branding need to be distinguished.

Social media & video adverstising

Social media like YouTube, similarly to programmatic campaigns, offer interesting target groups areas to deliver branding and awareness messages. Targeted planning creates great reach and constant interaction rates. Moving images, videos and direct statements help addressing the audience.

In-house advertising (website, newsletter, community, CRM automations)

In-house channels in companies deliver important contact points in the acquisition of new customers and addressing existing customers. As in external planning, it is important to carefully use and measure the in-house areas in the campaign mix. Special attention: the comprehensive integration can deliver important CRM information from movement data, whereby this data can also be enriched in other systems via extended touchpoints. The orchestration of the in-house channels is an important part of the multichannel concept (campaign harmonisation) and essential for a complete performance approach.