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The driving force of the data helps to generate new bases for decision-making. We support you in the evaluation and implementation of suitable systems and create understanding.

Data quality

The quality (data depth) as well as the quantity of data is crucial in the assessment of the data landscape.

Data insights

Data “insights” need a clean tracking concept depending on the data sources available.

Data assessment

Understanding to which part of business success each channel leads to will be a central management issue in the future.

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Data landscape

One way or another, every digital system generates constantly a quantity of data, which needs to be analysed with the help of third-party systems. A distinction is made between campaign, movement, inventory and extended CRM data sources. Besides diversification, the quality (data depth) and the quantity (data volume) – which in the best case can be analysed and assessed from different perspectives – are decisive for the assessment of the existing data landscape. Depending on the amount of data and the “pressure”, it is also important to understand the strategic weight of data “insights” for daily business (short-term) and what concrete recommendations for action can be given from this. In the form of analytical development, these learnings can also enable and facilitate access to the field of data science.

Tracking concept & analysis

Without tracking there is no data, without concept there is no analysis. In order to be able to benefit from data “insights” in the first place, we recommend that every company set up a clean tracking concept on the agency side, depending on the available data sources. The effort for this is usually limited, but it creates the necessary starting position for further evaluations. As an agency, we also offer the right support and expertise for those companies that already have a tracking tool in use but have not been able to implement the concept consistently.

Nothing is more inefficient than data that has not been collected/measured correctly or at all, as well as campaigns which have to be used and evaluated outside of an existing tracking concept.

Reporting & recommendations for action

Once the data setting and the tracking concept have been completed, the issue of reporting comes to the foreground. The big challenge is the merging of different data sources and the evaluation of success factors. Dwindling cookies and nationwide consent systems make the apparent success rating more difficult. Depending on the analysis and campaign tool (marketing platforms, ad servers, etc.), the room for interpretation is correspondingly large.

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Channel journey, attribution and new systems

In times of great fragmentation of digital marketing services, understanding which channel delivers which part of business success is a key management issue. Anyone who does not understand which touchpoints in the digital value chain contribute in the future to the success of the company will not be able to make a decision. This is not an option, just like digital standstill and missing or inconsistent decision-making bases.

Without data there is no analysis and no insights, many understood this.

The best example is the further development of the cookie topic on data, marketing and consent rights. At the latest here, it becomes clear for the decision-maker that future channel journeys and attribution models become complex when such basis is missing.