Pressefoto Harald Grabner, 123Consulting und Michael Dockal, Zgonc

123Consulting takes over digital support for ZGONC

Vienna, March 29, 2022 – ZGONC and 123Consulting are strengthening the existing partnership and will join forces to drive the digitization of the austrian specialist market with immediate effect.

Together with the Viennese agency 123Consulting, we are heading straight towards digital “full commitment” and strong topic leadership in the field of battery-operated devices. With the entrepreneurial decision to focus the entire product and service portfolio more on online-relevant customer channels, ZGONC’s “digital map” is being redrawn. After the creation of a new website and shop system 2020, ZGONC is now taking the next strategic steps.

The comprehensive strategy package of the two partners is unique in the company’s development. “We want to strategically expand the rapidly growing, digital successes of recent years and bundle them together with market development in order to position ZGONC as a strong online provider and specialist store partner with the relevant target groups,” explains Michael Dockal, Managing Director of ZGONC. Harald Grabner, Managing Director of 123Consulting, has used the last few months of the pandemic to develop a comprehensive strategy concept together with his team. The final pitch for the ZGONC budget was won at the end of December 2021.

As in many other industries, the pandemic has had a major impact on shopping and customer behavior over the past 24 months. ZGONC’s online shop sales have reached three-digit growth figures in 2021. As a positive effect, the strategic weighting of e-commerce within the company has increased significantly. The planned packages of measures include all areas of the company and cooperation, both online and offline. After the record year 2021, the strategic focus – beyond the area of ​​e-commerce – is on establishing comprehensive topic leadership for everything to do with battery-operated devices. With the aim of further expanding the user shopping experience for the customer.

“In the future, all activities and measures will contribute operationally to the overarching topic of battery leadership. That’s just the beginning,” says Harald Grabner, setting out the orientation for the customer. “Once we have built up all the elements on the digital map and equipped them in the communication, we can pick up the ZGONC customers in all product areas even better and strengthen the service character of all specialist markets.” 123Consulting will work closely with the far-reaching expansion of the digital presence drive ZGONC management forward to permanently anchor the digital footprint of the traditional company.