Konstantin Kaspasis u d Harald Grabner

123Consulting & Slopelift win over ÖAMTC with an digital concept for 2021


In a time of change, digital presences and comprehensive services are more important than ever. This is confirmed also by ÖAMTC, who for 2021 relies on an affirmed partnership with 123Consulting in terms of digitisation. The latter together with Slopelift won the pitch for the online annual budget with a comprehensive digital strategy and a high-performance overall concept in all areas. The aim is one of serving the digital needs and interests of customers and members even more efficiently in the future.

After 10 successful years of collaboration providing campaign and customer support, 123Consulting will continue to be the lead agency in driving ÖAMTC’s digital marketing strategy. The agency will be supported by the Google performance experts from the Viennese agency Slopelift. For 123Consulting, the newly acquired account is mainly due to the forward-looking strategic vision of the company and the operational know-how in matters of digitisation. With the help of the Google Marketing Platform, the multi-channel orchestration planned for 2021 in conjunction with the marketing, content and service commitment to ÖAMTC is to be implemented even more efficiently.

The far-reaching decision to put all marketing presences in the hands of an agency partnership had already been made in December last year. At that time, 123Consulting and Slopelift pitched for the online annual budget in competition with four other agencies, but the two together were able to win the approval of ÖAMTC. The decision to bring Google on board as a partner with a lot of experience in the areas of mobility and individual user needs confirmed further the value of the collaboration.

Harald Grabner is aware of the importance of winning an account, which goes hand in hand with the high requirements for 2021. “This year our goal is that the numerous online and offline campaigns of the last few years meet the desire for diversification. This will be possible with the help of strengthened and individualised information areas, which will be built up gradually and correspond to the actual user interests”, explains the managing director of 123Consulting. “With the help of Google products and marketing services, the user experience will be optimised further and provided with added value relevant for the target groups and corresponding to the nature of the comprehensive ÖAMTC service”, with these words Konstantin Kasapis, Managing Director of Slopelift, confirms the strategic implementation.

In order to be able to guarantee the optimisation of contents, services and personalisation regardless of channels and devices, a comprehensive strategy has been developed together with the relevant department of ÖAMTC. Such strategy has then flown into the previously developed own campaign setup, which represents the foundation for all optimisations.

The starting point of the campaign themes is complex and unique and highly important in order to keep the performance consistently at a high level. This is based on the core areas of membership and motor assistance, insurance as well as commerce of club articles. The many years of experience of the two agencies pays off in this context. The over 25 main campaigns not only require especially detailed planning, but also need close coordination with ÖAMTC and the relevant departments, which in turn demand the permanent further development of the comprehensive campaign world.

Ultimately, the success confirms the strategic concept in the operational implementation. In the meantime, other ÖAMTC departments have also decided to take advantage of the comprehensive support and, together with 123Consulting and Slopelift, exhaust the possibilities of the Google Marketing Platform. This is a huge step towards sustainable digitisation of the mobility club.