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Digital agency supports HOHE BRÜCKE lottery in its digital evolution

From now on, digital strategies are being implemented by HOHE BRÜCKE and 123Consulting in an extensive partnership. The Viennese consulting agency was commissioned by Hohe Brücke lottery with the realignment of the website, the establishment of a tailored CRM as well as the implementation of the entire campaign for 2020.

“We are very much looking forward to the upcoming collaboration with HOHE BRÜCKE”, comments Harald Grabner, founder of 123Consulting. “Especially in times of change and crises, it is important to face the new digital challenges strategically and with common sense. In order to master this, a digital map tailored to the customer is necessary”. Since the beginning of the year, the agency’s digital specialists have been working closely with HOHE BRÜCKE’s management on the specific design and further development of such symbolic map. In addition to the implementation of the advertising campaign in all online channels of the lottery, 123Consulting also takes on the complete rebuilding of the website with a focus on branding and the strategic setting of future CRM and campaign measures. “Everything that had existed so far was questioned, rebuilt and specifically optimised. Only in this way can we bring HOHE BRÜCKE to the fore in the digital world. As an experienced partner, 123Consulting accompanies us on this path of digital transformation” emphasises project manager William Gorton, managing director of HOHE BRÜCKE BL.

After 123Consulting implemented in 2019 the first digital campaigns planned for HOHE BRÜCKE, the learnings stemming from them were developed further for the year 2020 and combined together in an all-round strategy. The agency provides further supports with sparring partners wherever the digital evolution did not advance in recent years. The key to this is the understanding of data and channels, which the newly developed digital business model is supposed to support in the central areas. This is the only way to create a meaningful overall strategy that takes the current status into account and at the same time focuses on the further development of the company. “Together we determine the right route for the customer and support with individual recommendations for action at every relevant touchpoint in the company”, Grabner describes the current path. The importance of this process is shown, for instance, by the extensive optimisations which were finalised during summer and will subsequently go live in autumn 2020. “Then begins the next chapter of digitalisation of the business model for HOHE BRÜCKE”, adds Gorton.