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Regardless of whether a potential customer is looking for your products or an algorithm is looking for the right content for a page.

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People search on the web. About 60% of website visits usually happen as a result of a search process. Machines carry out search processes on the Internet. Behind the homepage of Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, etc., algorithms search for the suitable content for every single user.

Search takes place at all times. Not only as in the input box of a website or as language search or regional search. Search is the basic principle, according to which products, brands, services, media and information are delivered to users. In order to make their content visible, they need to be easily accessible and emphasise their value. The better they do so, the better they can be positioned and the stronger they will be perceived.

You want to be found: it does not matter whether a potential customer is searching for your products or an algorithm is after the suitable content for a page. Because otherwise you give up on turnover and profit.

More topics

Traffic sources

Generating more frequency, thus “traffic”, for a company website is easy. The more people are aware of the online offer via search engine, social media, digital advertising campaigns or recommendations (e.g. on Amazon or eBay), the more traffic the website gets. More traffic does not always mean more sales. If a user does not find what he expects on the site, he/she disappears again. Therefore, it is crucial to address the right users in the right channels with the right messages. Every company must know which traffic sources suit best the individual goals of a company.

Customer loyalty

Seeking for attention is the goal of many brand ambassadors and companies. Creating long-term customer relationships is one of the biggest challenges in the digital environment. This is because, just like customers can easily come, they can also easily move on to the next website available. They find the webpage of the competition on the phone, it is prettier and, thanks to the great service functions, overall more appealing.

Authentic content

When it comes to authenticity and the honest debate between companies with world-moving stories, content marketing stands by its big brother, i.e. content. Together, they are in the front line for users. When users and customers are looking for a proactive discussion on critical topics and are willing to share them on public platforms, authenticity can simply be called a social media responsibility.

Brands become more human.